Engagement ring

Karat Street LLC is a name the customers associate with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs, and superlative product quality all at an unbeatable price. A journey that started with a jewelry store satisfying customer needs only through an online presence has now come to bloom. Having recently launched an offline store in Orlando, Florida, USA, Karat Street LLC has grown into a jeweler that understands the evolving needs of the modern woman.


“At Karat Street LLC it is not only about the product, but rather the relationship between the customer and the art”

At Karat Street LLC the philosophy is Maximum Customer Satisfaction. We strive to bring joy and happiness and make special occasions memorable that will be cherished. Our dedicated and qualified team works nonstop to bring you the best if quality, value, experience, and service that can’t be matched. We work hard to never waiver from our promise of purity and superior quality that delight the customer. All this combined makes shopping with us a delightful and worthy experience.


We at Karat Street LLC believe in customer satisfaction and not profit maximization so all the products at Karat Street LLC come at a hard to match a price that offers attractive savings to the customer. Our products are comparatively 20% – 35% cheaper than those offered on the market as our products are directly sold from the wholesaler themselves, thus eliminating the middleman and the costs associated with it

The customer can always be assured of the highest quality standards when buying from Karat Street LLC. To maintain the highest standard and quality we implement extensive quality checks at every level and only sourced from known, trusted and certified suppliers. Every piece crafted at Karat Street LLC is a labor of love that bears witness to the beauty of the one who wears it.

Come and get the Karat Street Experience at our latest store in Orlando, Florida, USA.